Electrolysis-Permanent Result

Electrolysis still remains as the only 100% effective method of
permanent hair removal after more than 130 years. 
Unlike other hair removal methods, professionally performed Electrolysis eliminates all unwanted hair, PERMANENTLY.
It will work for any type and color of skin and hair.

I am Natsuko Watkins, Licensed Electrologist.
I am a member of American Electrology Association and
I adhere to National Infection Control Standards.
I was 
a part time instructor at a school to share my passion for this profession with students, so that they will become confident and skilled electrologists.

Video of Complete Electrolysis Session by Dectro
On this video, you will see what to expect during your treatment.

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Complete Apilus Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Treatment
This video presentation details the four phases involved in a complete electrolysis treatment session: the greeting phase, followed by pretreatment, treatment and post-epilation. In short, it explains...

About the Sate-of-the-Art machine I use.....
Apilus Platinum Technology

With the most advanced and the world-exclusive technology, Apilus Platinum uses an ultra-rapid 27MHz frequency to permanently and rapidly destroy all types of hair.  Since it works twice as fast as any other epilator, the Apilus Platinum is able to coagulate in a very concentrated fashion to effectively target the cells responsible for hair growth. 

So quick and so concentrated, you will experience the most comfortable and efficient permanent hair removal.