Free Consultation:
Some of the factors discussed at initial consultation:
  • hair growth cycles
  • previous use of temporary hair removal methods
  • hormone functions
  • health assessment
I will explain how electrolysis treatments work for you.
Also at the initial consultation, you will experience a brief treatment to see how you feel during the treatment and how your skin reacts.

Before your treatment:
Please drink plenty of water a day or two before treatment. Being hydrated will make the treatment more comfortable.
Avoiding caffeine for 6 to 8 hours before treatment may alleviate tension.
Try avoiding sun exposure.
...and be relaxed!
After your treatment:
I will perform after care to finish up a treatment session. 
It will:
  • help soothe the skin
  • provides an antibacterial effect
  • promotes speedier healing
It is also very important that you follow the recommended care after your electrolysis treatment.  In general avoid any activities that may irritate the treated area.
  • Don't touch or scratch
  • Avoid friction
  • Avoid oily, perfumed, alcohol-based products
  • Avoid very hot bath and saunas
  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Apply an overall sunscreen
  • Only use fresh make-up with clean applicator